The Cup That Heals

Nowadays it often seems as if everything we eat or drink is bad for us in some way. Foods once considered healthy and nourishing contain, we are told, ingredients like carbohydrates, sodium and saturated fats which can cause dreadful diseases when consumed frequently or in excess. Every few days we hear, read or see on television news of some medical discovery exposing the harmful effects of yet another favorite food or beverage, now to be banished from the tables of health-conscious folk. The parade of bad news seems to have no end. So it comes as a relief to learn that one popular beverage, affordable and loved by billions of people around the world, is entirely beneficial and may in fact have preventive and curative health properties when consumed regularly. The beverage, of course, is tea.

Medical benefits have been claimed for tea for as long as it has been drunk. The origins of the ‘cuppa’ are lost to the ages, yet when we first hear of tea it is in a medicinal connection: a Chinese text, The Divine Farmer’s Herb-Root Classic, dating from around 250BC, recommends infusions of tea-leaves for the treatment of tumors, abscesses, bladder ailments and lethargy. Since then, generation after generation of medical authorities have sung the praises of tea; and today, a popular encyclopedia lists no less than 22 separate claimed health benefits for the beverage, ranging from protection against HIV infection to the elimination of bad breath.

Health Benefits of Ceylon Tea

White Tea

  • Prevents Cancer
  • Emperors’ and Queens’ favorite
  • To gain a good personality

Silver Tips

  • Very good for Blood pressure
  • To gain a good personality

Golden Tips

  • For personality development
  • Good for Blood Pressure

Cinnamon Tea

  • Good for diabetes
  • Good for High Blood Pressure
  • Good for Hypertension

Ginger Tea

  • Good for Digestion
  • Cure for stomach Pain

Green Tea

  • Prevents Heart attacks
  • Reduce fat & oil of the body
  • Cleaning the blood circulation

Oolong Tea

  • Reduce fat from the body
  • Cleaning the blocks and attacks of the heart
  • Can maintain a slim figure

Soursop Tea

  • Clears the bladder – Dissolves stones
  • Good for high blood pressure
  • Good for blood circulation

Pineapple Tea

  • Good for pressure

Lemon Grass Tea

  • Kills the cancer cells
  • Smooths the skin

Hibiscus Tea

  • Smooth the skin

Passion Fruit Tea

  • Very good for blood pressure

Mango Tea

  • Very good for heart diseases

Polpala Tea

  • Very good for young ladies
  • Good for pregnant mothers
  • Cleans the blood

Curry Leaves Tea

  • Kills all the poisons in the body

Cardamom Tea

  • Good for people having weak heart system

Ceylon Chai & Chai Masala

  • Keeps the body warm at any cold weather

Lemon &Lime Tea

  • Good for stomach problems

Iramusu Tea

  • Good for nervous systems

Earl Grey

  • Keep the body warm
  • Good for the best motion
  • Cleans up the body
  • Good for constipation

Chocolate Tea

  • Make a dry stomach
  • Good for loose motion

Black Tea

  • Good for health
  • Warms up the body

Vanilla Tea

  • Good for nervous system

Mint Tea

  • Keeps the body cool

Yoga Tea

  • Keeps the body healthy
  • Good for people who do Yoga

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